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element <Description>
mixed, 3 attributes, 16 elements
globally in reusable.xsd, see XML source
at 69 locations
XML Representation Summary
xs:boolean : "true"
xs:boolean : "false"
{text} × (h1 | h2 | h3 | h4 | h5 | h6 | ul | ol | dl | p | div | pre | blockquote | address | hr | table)*
Content model elements (16):
Included in content model of elements (99):
Access, AlternateCoordinateSystem, AlternateObject, AlternateOffset, Archive, BaseLogicalProduct, Category, CategoryDomain, CategoryGroup, CategoryMap, CategoryScheme, CleaningOperation, Code, CodeDomain, CodeMap, CodeScheme, Comparison, ComputationItem, Concept, ConceptGroup, ConceptMap, ConceptScheme, ConceptualComponent, ConditionalText, ControlConstruct, ControlConstructScheme, ControlOperation, CoordinatePairs, CreationSoftware, DataCollection, DataElementConcept, DataItemAddress, DataRelationship, DateTimeDomain, DDIProfile, DefaultAccess, Embargo, Expression, ExternalCategoryRepresentation, FundingInformation, GeneralInstruction, Generation, GenerationInstruction, GeographicDomain, GeographicLocationScheme, GeographicStructureScheme, IfCondition, IfThenElse, Individual, InitialValue, Instruction, Instrument, InterviewerInstructionScheme, Level, Level, LifecycleEvent, LiteralText, LogicalProduct, LogicalRecord, Loop, LoopWhile, MachineReadable, NCube, NCubeGroup, NCubeLogicalProduct, NCubeScheme, NumericDomain, Organization, OrganizationScheme, PhysicalDataProduct, PhysicalStructureScheme, QuestionConstruct, QuestionMap, QuestionScheme, RecordLayoutScheme, RecordRelationship, Relation, RepeatUntil, RepeatWhile, ResearcherID, Role, Sequence, Software, SpatialCoverage, StatementItem, StepValue, Text, TextDomain, TranslationInformation, UniverseMap, UniverseScheme, UntilCondition, Variable, VariableGroup, VariableMap, VariableScheme, VersionDistinction, Vocabulary, WhileCondition
Known Usage Locations
Description provides additional detailed information regarding the element. Note that in comparing two like types of elements, description should be used as the basis for comparison as Name or Label may be different definitions within different contexts or registries.
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xs:element name="Description" type="StructuredStringType"/>

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