DDI 3.1 XML Schema Documentation (2009-10-18)
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element <StructuredMixedResponseDomain>
complex, 2 elements
XML Representation Summary
(ResponseText | ResponseDomain)[2..*]
Content model elements (2):
Included in content model of elements (1):
May contain elements by substitutions (6):
Known Usage Locations
ResponseDomains should be chosen that do NOT duplicate responses such as CodeSchemes with overlapping codes. Be aware that certain instruments may collect responses in such a way that confusion between a code response and text response may be possible. The process of resolving such conflicts should be addressed in the data processing instructions. There is an assumption that if a text or numeric response duplicates a coded response to a question, that the value is that of the coded category.
XML Source (w/o annotations (1); see within schema source)
<xs:element name="StructuredMixedResponseDomain" type="StructuredMixedResponseDomainType"/>

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