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<weight> Weighting

Description: The use of sampling procedures may make it necessary to apply weights to produce accurate statistical results. Describe here the criteria for using weights in analysis of a collection. If a weighting formula or coefficient was developed, provide this formula, define its elements, and indicate how the formula is applied to data.


<weight>The 1996 NES dataset includes two final person-level analysis weights which incorporate 
sampling, nonresponse, and post-stratification factors. One weight (variable #4) is for longitudinal 
micro-level analysis using the 1996 NES Panel. The other weight (variable #3) is for analysis of the 
1996 NES combined sample (Panel component cases plus Cross-section supplement cases). In addition, a 
Time Series Weight (variable #5) which corrects for Panel attrition was constructed. This weight should 
be used in analyses which compare the 1996 NES to earlier unweighted National Election Study data