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<varGrp type="subject"><txt>The following five variables refer to respondent attitudes toward 
national environmental policies: air pollution, urban sprawl, noise abatement, carbon dioxide emissions, 
and nuclear waste.</txt></varGrp> 

<nCubeGrp type="subject"><txt>The following four nCubes are grouped to present a cross tabulation of the 
variables Sex, Work experience in 1999, and Income in 1999.</txt></nCubeGrp> 

<var><txt>Total population for the agency for the year reported.</txt></var> 

<catgryGrp><txt>When the respondent indicated his political party reference, his response was coded on a 
scale of 1-99 with parties with a left-wing orientation coded on the low end of the scale and parties 
with a right-wing orientation coded on the high end of the scale.  Categories 90-99 were reserved 
miscellaneous responses.</txt></catgryGrp> 

<catgry><txt>Inap., question not asked in Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Luxembourg.</txt></catgry> 

<nCube><txt>Detailed poverty status for age cohorts over a period of five years, to be used in determining 
program eligibility</txt></nCube> 

<otherMat URI="http://www.icpsr.umich.edu/.."><txt>This is a PDF version of the original questionnaire 
provided by the principal investigator.</txt></otherMat> 

<otherMat><txt>Glossary of Terms. Below are terms that may  prove useful in working with the technical 
documentation for this study.. </txt></otherMat> 

<otherMat><txt>This is a PDF version of the original questionnaire provided by the principal investigator.