XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<titl> Title

Description: Full authoritative title for the work at the appropriate level: marked-up document; marked-up document source; study; other material(s) related to study description; other material(s) related to study. The study title will in most cases be identical to the title for the marked-up document. A full title should indicate the geographic scope of the data collection as well as the time period covered. Title of data collection ( maps to Dublin Core Title element. This element is required in the Study Description citation.


<titl>Domestic Violence Experience in Omaha, Nebraska, 1986-1987</titl> 

<titl>Census of Population, 1950 [United States]: Public Use Microdata Sample</titl> 

<titl>Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth, 1995</titl>