XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<software> Software used in Production

Description: Software used to produce the work. A "version" attribute permits specification of the software version number. The "date" attribute is provided to enable specification of the date (if any) for the software release. The ISO standard for dates (YYYY-MM-DD) is recommended for use with the date attribute.


<docDscr><citation><prodStmt><software version="1.0">MRDC Codebook Authoring Tool</software>

<docDscr><citation><prodStmt><software version="8.0">Arbortext Adept Editor</software>

<docDscr><docSrc><prodStmt><software version="4.0">PageMaker</software></prodStmt></docSrc></docDscr>

<stdyDscr><citation><prodStmt><software version="6.12">SAS</software></prodStmt></citation></stdyDscr>

<fileTxt><software version="6.12">The SAS transport file was generated by the SAS CPORT procedure.