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<sampProc> Sampling Procedure

Description: The type of sample and sample design used to select the survey respondents to represent the population. May include reference to the target sample size and the sampling fraction.


<sampProc>National multistage area probability sample</sampProc> 

<sampProc>Simple random sample</sampProc> 

<sampProc>Stratified random sample</sampProc> 

<sampProc>Quota sample</sampProc> 

<sampProc>The 8,450 women interviewed for the NSFG, Cycle IV, were drawn from households in which 
someone had been interviewed for the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), between October 1985 
and March 1987.</sampProc> 

<sampProc>Samples sufficient to produce approximately 2,000 families with completed interviews were 
drawn in each state. Families containing one or more Medicaid or uninsured persons were oversampled.</sampProc>