XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<restrctn> Restrictions

Description: Any restrictions on access to or use of the collection such as privacy certification or distribution restrictions should be indicated here. These can be restrictions applied by the author, producer, or disseminator of the data collection. If the data are restricted to only a certain class of user, specify which type.


<restrctn> In preparing the data file(s) for this collection, the National Center for Health 
Statistics (NCHS) has removed direct identifiers and characteristics that might lead to identification 
of data subjects. As an additional precaution NCHS requires, under Section 308(d) of the Public Health 
Service Act (42 U.S.C. 242m), that data collected by NCHS not be used for any purpose other than 
statistical analysis and reporting. NCHS further requires that analysts not use the data to learn the 
identity of any persons or establishments and that the director of NCHS be notified if any identities 
are inadvertently discovered. ICPSR member institutions and other users ordering data from ICPSR are 
expected to adhere to these restrictions.</restrctn> 

<restrctn> ICPSR obtained these data from the World Bank under the terms of a contract which states 
that the data are for the sole use of ICPSR and may not be sold or provided to third parties outside 
of ICPSR membership. Individuals at institutions that are not members of the ICPSR may obtain these 
data directly from the World Bank.</restrctn>