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<relMat> Full details on the research design and procedures, sampling methodology, content areas, 
and questionnaire design, as well as percentage distributions by respondent's sex, race, region, college 
plans, and drug use, appear in the annual ISR volumes MONITORING THE FUTURE: QUESTIONNAIRE RESPONSES FROM 

<relMat>Current Population Survey, March 1999: Technical Documentation  includes an abstract, pertinent 
information about the file, a glossary, code lists, and a data dictionary. One copy accompanies each 
file order. When ordered separately, it is available from Marketing Services Office, Customer Service 
Center, Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C. 20233. </relMat> 

<relMat>A more precise explanation regarding the CPS sample design is provided in Technical Paper 40, 
The Current Population Survey: Design and Methodology. Chapter 5 of this paper provides documentation 
on the weighting procedures for the CPS both with and without supplement questions.</relMat>