XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<recGrp> Record or Record Group

Description: Used to describe record groupings if the file is hierarchical or relational. The attribute "recGrp" allows a record group to indicate subsidiary record groups which nest underneath; this allows for the encoding of a hierarchical structure of record groups. The attribute "rectype" indicates the type of record, e.g., "A records" or "Household records." The attribute "keyvar" is an IDREF that provides the link to other record types. In a hierarchical study consisting of individual and household records, the "keyvar" on the person record will indicate the household to which it belongs. The attribute "rtypeloc" indicates the starting column location of the record type indicator variable on each record of the data file. The attribute "rtypewidth" specifies the width, for files with many different record types. The attribute "rtypevtype" specifies the type of the indicator variable. The "recidvar" indicates the variable that identifies the record group.


<fileStrc type="hierarchical"> 
  <recGrp rectype="Person" keyvar="HHDID">
    <labl>CPS 1999 Person-Level Record</labl>