XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<qstn> Question

Description: The question element may have mixed content. The element itself may contain text for the question, with the subelements being used to provide further information about the question. Alternatively, the question element may be empty and only the subelements used. The element has a unique question ID attribute which can be used to link a variable with other variables where the same question has been asked. This would allow searching for all variables that share the same question ID, perhaps because the questions was asked several times in a panel design. The "ID" attribute contains a unique identifier for the question. "Var" references the ID(s) of the variable(s) relating to the question. The attribute "seqNo" refers to the sequence number of the question. The attribute "sdatrefs" may be used to reference elements in the summary data description section of the Study Description which might apply to this question. These elements include: time period covered, date of collection, nation or country, geographic coverage, geographic unit, unit of analysis, universe, and kind of data.


<var><qstn ID="Q125">When you get together with your friends, would you say you discuss political 
matters frequently, occasionally, or never?</qstn></var>