XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<producer> Producer

Description: The producer is the person or organization with the financial or administrative responsibility for the physical processes whereby the document was brought into existence. Use the "role" attribute to distinguish different stages of involvement in the production process, such as original producer. Producer of data collection ( maps to Dublin Core Publisher element. The "producer" in the Document Description should be the agency or person that prepared the marked-up document.


<producer abbr="ICPSR" affiliation="Institute for Social Research">Inter-university Consortium 
for Political and Social Research</producer> 

<producer abbr="MNPoll" affiliation="Minneapolis Star Tibune Newspaper" role="original producer">
Star Tribune Minnesota Poll</producer> 

<producer abbr="MRDC" affiliation="University of Minnesota" role="final production">Machine Readable 
Data Center</producer>