XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1



This is an empty element containing only the attributes listed below. Attributes include "type" (type of file structure: rectangular, hierarchical, two-dimensional, relational), "recRef" (IDREF link to the appropriate file or recGrp element within a file), "startPos" (starting position of variable or data item), "endPos" (ending position of variable or data item), "width" (number of columns the variable/data item occupies), "RecSegNo" (the record segment number, deck or card number the variable or data item is located on), and "fileid" (an IDREF link to the fileDscr element for the file that includes this physical location).

Remarks: Where the same variable is coded in two different files, e.g., a fixed format file and a relational database file, simply repeat the physLoc element with the alternative location information. Note that if there is no width or ending position, then the starting position should be the ordinal position in the file, and the file would be described as free-format. New attributes will be added as other storage formats are described within the DDI.


<physLoc type="rectangular" recRef="R1" startPos="55" endPos="57" width="3"/> 

<physLoc type="hierarchical" recRef="R6"  startPos="25" endPos="25" width="1"/>