XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<othrStdyMat> Other Study Description Materials

Description: Other materials relating to the study description. This section describes other materials that are related to the study description that are primarily descriptions of the content and use of the study, such as appendices, sampling information, weighting details, methodological and technical details, publications based upon the study content, related studies or collections of studies, etc. This section may point to other materials related to the description of the study through use of the generic citation element (A.6), which is available for each element in this section. <othrStdyMat> maps to Dubli Core Relation element. Note that Section 5.0, Other Study-Related Materials, should be sued for materials used in the production of the study or useful in the analysis of the study. The materials in Section 5.0 may be entered as PCDATA (ASCII text) directly into the document (through use of the txt element). That section may also serve as a "container" for other electronic materials by providing a brief description of the study-related materials accompanied by the "type" and "level" attributes further defining the materials. Other Study-Related Materials in Section 5.0 may include: questionnaires, coding notes, SPSS/SAS/Stata setup files (and others), user manuals, continuity guides, sample computer software programs, glossaries of terms, interviewer/project instructions, maps, database schema, data dictionaries, show cards, coding information, interview schedules, missing values information, frequency files, variable maps, etc.