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<notes> Notes and comments


For clarifying information/annotation regarding the parent element.

The attributes for notes permit a controlled vocabulary to be developed ("type" and "subject"), indicate the "level" of the DDI to which the note applies (study, file, variable, etc.), and identify the author of the note ("resp").


<docDscr><verStmt><notes resp="Jane Smith">Additional information on derived variables  
has been added to this marked-up version of the documentation.</notes></verStmt></docDscr>

<docDscr><citation><notes resp="Jane Smith">This citation was prepared by the archive 
based on information received from the markup authors.</notes></citation></docDscr> 

<docSrc><verStmt><notes resp="Jane Smith">The source codebook was produced from  
original hardcopy materials using  Optical Character Recognition (OCR).</notes><verStmt>

<docSrc><notes>A machine-readable version of the source codebook was supplied by the 

<docDscr><notes>This Document Description, or header information, can be used  within an 
electronic resource discovery environment.</notes></docDscr> 

<stdyDscr><verStmt><notes resp="Jane Smith">Data for 1998 have been added to this 
version of the data collection.</notes></verStmt></stdyDscr>

<stdyDscr><citation><notes resp="Jane Smith">This citation was sent to ICPSR by the 
agency depositing the data.</notes></citation></stdyDscr> 

<stdyInfo><notes>Data on employment and income refer to the preceding year, although 
demographic data refer to the time of the survey.</notes></stdyInfo> 

<method><notes>Undocumented codes were found in this data collection. Missing data are 
represented by blanks.</notes></method>

<method><notes>For this collection, which focuses on employment, unemployment, and 
FEBRUARY-APRIL 1996 (ICPSR 6752) were merged with an oversample.</notes></method> 

<setAvail><notes> Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics used in the analyses for the 
final report are not provided as part of this collection.</notes></setAvail> 

<dataAccs><notes>Users should note that this is a beta version of the data. The 
investigators therefore request that users who encounter any problems with the dataset 
contact them at the above address.</notes></dataAccs> 

<fileStrc><notes>The number of arrest records for an individual is dependent on the 
number of arrests an offender had.</notes></fileStrc> 

<fileTxt><verStmt><notes>Data for all previously-embargoed variables are now available 
in  this version of the file.</notes></verStmt></fileTxt> 

<fileDscr><notes>There is a restricted version of this file containing confidential 
information,  access to which is controlled by the principal investigator.</notes>

<varGrp><notes>This variable group was created for the purpose of combining all derived 

<varGrp><notes source="archive" resp="John Data">This variable group and all other 
variable groups in this data file were organized according to a schema developed by 
the adhoc advisory committee. </notes></varGrp> 

<nCubeGrp><notes>This nCube Group was created for the purpose of presenting a cross-
tabulation between variables "Tenure" and "Age of householder."</notes></nCubeGrp> 

<valrng><notes subject="political party">Starting with Euro-Barometer 2 the coding of 
this variable has been standardized following an approximate ordering of each country's 
political parties along a "left" to "right" continuum in the first digit of the codes. 
Parties coded 01-39 are generally considered on the "left", those coded 40-49 in the 
"center", and those coded 60-89 on the "right" of the political spectrum. Parties coded 
50-59 cannot be readily located in the traditional meaning of "left" and "right". The 
second digit of the codes is not significant to the "left-right" ordering. Codes 90-99 
contain the response "other party" and various missing data responses. Users may modify 
these codings or part of these codings in order to suit their specific needs. </notes>

<invalrng><notes>Codes 90-99 contain the response "other party" and various missing 
data responses. </notes></invalrng> 

<var><verStmt><notes>The labels for categories 01 and 02 for this variable, were 
inadvertently switched in the first version of this variable and have now been 

<var><notes>This variable was created by recoding location of residence to Census 

<nCube><verStmt><notes>The labels for categories 01 and 02 in dimension 1 were 
inadvertently switched in the first version of the cube, and have now been corrected.

<nCube><notes>This nCube was created to meet the needs of local low income programs 
in determining eligibility for federal funds.</notes></nCube> 

<dataDscr><notes>The variables in this study are identical to earlier waves. </notes>

<otherMat><notes>Users should be aware that this questionnaire was modified  during 
the CAI process.</notes></otherMat>