XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<measure> Measure

Description: The element measure indicates the measurement features of the cell content: type of aggregation used, measurement unit, and measurement scale. An origin point is recorded for anchored scales, to be used in determining relative movement along the scale. Additivity indicates whether an aggregate is a stock (like the population at a given point in time) or a flow (like the number of births or deaths over a certain period of time). The non-additive flag is to be used for measures that for logical reasons cannot be aggregated to a higher level - for instance, data that only make sense at a certain level of aggregation, like a classification. Two nCubes may be identical except for their measure - for example, a count of persons by age and percent of persons by age. Measure is an empty element that includes the following attributes: "varRef" is an IDREF; "aggrMeth" indicates the type of aggregation method used, for example 'sum', 'average', 'count'; "measUnit" records the measurement unit, for example 'km', 'miles', etc.; "scale" records unit of scale, for example 'x1', 'x1000'; "origin" records the point of origin for anchored scales;"additivity" records type of additivity such as 'stock', 'flow', 'non-additive'.