XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<labl> Label

Description: A short description of the parent element. In the variable label, the length of this phrase may depend on the statistical analysis system used (e.g., some versions of SAS permit 40-character labels, while some versions of SPSS permit 120 characters), although the DDI itself imposes no restrictions on the number of characters allowed. A "level" attribute is included to permit coding of the level to which the label applies, i.e. record group, variable group, variable, category group, category, nCube group, nCube, or other study-related materials. The "vendor" attribute was provided to allow for specification of different labels for use with different vendors' software. The attribute "country" allows for the denotation of country-specific labels. The "sdatrefs" attribute records the ID values of all elements within the Summary Data Description section of the Study Description that might apply to the label. These elements include: time period covered, date of collection, nation or country, geographic coverage, geographic unit, unit of analysis, universe, and kind of data.