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<dataAppr> Other Forms of Data Appraisal

Description: Other issues pertaining to data appraisal. Describe here issues such as response variance, nonresponse rate and testing for bias, interviewer and response bias, confidence levels, question bias, etc.


<dataAppr>These data files were obtained from the United States House of Representatives, who 
received them from the Census Bureau accompanied by the following caveats: "The numbers contained herein 
are not official 1990 decennial Census counts. The numbers represent estimates of the population based on
a statistical adjustment method applied to the official 1990 Census figures using a sample survey intended 
to measure overcount or undercount in the Census results. On July 15, 1991, the Secretary of Commerce 
decided not to adjust the official 1990 decennial Census counts (see 56 Fed. Reg. 33582, July 22, 1991). 
In reaching his decision, the Secretary determined that there was not sufficient evidence that the 
adjustment method accurately distributed the population across and within states. The numbers contained 
in these tapes, which had to be produced prior to the Secretary's decision, are now known to be biased. 
Moreover, the tapes do not satisfy standards for the publication of Federal statistics, as established 
in Statistical Policy Directive No. 2, 1978, Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards. 
Accordingly, the Department of Commerce deems that these numbers cannot be used for any purpose that 
legally requires use of data from the decennial Census and assumes no responsibility for the accuracy 
of the data for any purpose whatsoever. The Department will provide no assistance in interpretation or 
use of these numbers."</dataApp>