XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<catgry> Category


A description of a particular response.

The attribute "missing" indicates whether this category group contains missing data or not.

The attribute "missType" is used to specify the type of missing data, e.g., inap., don't know, no answer, etc.

The attribute "country" allows for the denotation of country-specific category values.

The "sdatrefs" attribute records the ID values of all elements within the summary data decription that apply to this category.

The exclusiveness attribute ("excls") should be set to "false" if the category can appear in more than one place in the classification hierarchy.

The attribute "catgry" is an IDREF referencing any child categories of this category element. Used to capture nested hierarchies of categories.

The attribute "level" is an IDREF referencing the catLevel ID in which this category exists.


                        <catlevel ID="Level1" levelnm="Broader sectors" />
						<catlevel ID="Level2" levelnm="Narrower sectors" />
						<catlevel ID="Level3" levelnm="Occupations" />
                        <!-- ... -->
						<catgry ID="C1" catgry="C2" Level="Level1">
							<labl> Management, professional and related occupations </labl>
						<catgry ID="C2" catgry="C3, C4" Level="Level2">
							<labl> Management occupations</labl>
						<catgry ID="C3" Level="Level3">
							<labl> Top executives </labl>
						<catgry ID="C4" Level="Level3">
							<labl> Financial managers</labl>