XML Schema Tag Library -- Version 2.1

<catStat> Category Level Statistic

Description: May include frequencies, percentages, or crosstabulation results. This field can contain one of the following: 1. textual information (e.g., PCDATA), or 2. non-parseable character data (e.g., the statistics), or 3. some other form of external information (table, image, etc.) In case 1, the tag can be used to mark up character data; tables can also be included in the actual markup. In cases 2 or 3, the element can be left empty and the "URI" attribute used to refer to the external object containing the information. The attribute "type" indicates the type of statistics presented - frequency, percent, or crosstabulation.


<var><catgryGrp ><catStat type='freq'>256 </catStat></catgryGrp></var>