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<EstSmpErr> Estimates of Sampling Error

Description: Measure of how precisely one can estimate a population value from a given sample.


<EstSmpErr> To assist NES analysts, the PC SUDAAN program was used to compute sampling errors for 
a wide-ranging example set of proportions estimated from the 1996 NES Pre-election Survey dataset. For each 
estimate, sampling errors were computed for the total sample and for twenty demographic and political 
affiliation subclasses of the 1996 NES Pre-election Survey sample. The results of these sampling error 
computations were then summarized and translated into the general usage sampling error table provided in 
Table 11. The mean value of deft, the square root of the design effect, was found to be 1.346. The design 
effect was primarily due to weighting effects (Kish, 1965) and did not vary significantly by subclass size. 
Therefore the generalized variance table is produced by multiplying the simple random sampling standard error 
for each proportion and sample size by the average deft for the set of sampling error computations.</EstSmpErr>