DDI Controlled Vocabulary for Type of Note


Includes a typology of notes.


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Code List
Value of the Code Descriptive Term of the Code Definition of the Code
Processing Processing Note A note related to the processing of the data, or metadata, or both.
Addendum Addendum Additional information, usually of a factual nature (as opposed to a comment), intended to clarify the content of a DDI section or module.
System System Note A note generated by the processing system used to produce the data, or metadata, or both.
Observation Observation A note providing information on an aspect relevant for data usage that is likely to remain permanent, or a temporary note providing information for further review and correction. May be an observation entered by a human user or a system-generated note on any inconsistencies or deviations.
Comment Comment A human-readable comment, typically of a more subjective nature than an addendum.
Other Other Use when the type of note is known, but not found in the list.


A brief textual description or classification of the type of Note. Supports the use of an external controlled vocabulary.

Module Name Element Name
reusable TypeOfNote

For clarifying information/annotation regarding the parent element. The attribute "type" permits a controlled vocabulary to be developed.

Element Number in DDI 2.1 Element/Attribute Name

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