DDI Controlled Vocabulary for Type of Concept Group


Specifies the rationale for creating a concept group.


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Type of Concept Group
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Code List
Value of the Code Descriptive Term of the Code Definition of the Code
Administrative Administrative A concept group created for administrative purposes, for instance for subsetting or reorganizing data.
Thematic Thematic A concept group created to bring together concepts reflecting the same general theme, or topic; for example, a group called "Trust" can include trust in institutions, trust in government, as well as interpersonal trust.
Other Other Use when the type of concept group is known, but not found in the list.


A brief textual description of the reason for which a concept group was formed. Supports the use of an external controlled vocabulary.

Module Name Element Name
conceptualcomponent TypeOfConceptGroup

DDI-Codebook (DDI 2.5 and all previous DDI versions) does not include an element that would support this controlled vocabulary.

Element Number in DDI 2.1 Element/Attribute Name

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