DDI Controlled Vocabulary for Character Set


Standard set of characters upon which many character encodings are based (Wikipedia).


This vocabulary lists some popular character sets but is not exhaustive. If the character set is not mentioned in the list, use 'Other' for this element and enter the specific name into the OtherValue element. You can search for the name of the character set in the list published by IANA (Internet Assigned Character Numbers). Use the "preferred MIME-name" if the IANA list specifies one, otherwise use the format in the Name field - http://www.iana.org/assignments/character-sets.


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Character Set
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DDI Alliance

Code List
Value of the Code Descriptive Term of the Code Definition of the Code
ASCII ASCII The official name is US-ASCII but use the format: ASCII. The ISO code for ASCII is ISO 14962.
ISO88591 ISO-8859-1 For ISO standards, use format: ISO-n-n in Caption and ISOnn in Code. ISO standards are also known as Latin, for example, ISO-8859-1 as Latin1.
ISO88592 ISO-8859-2
ISO88593 ISO-8859-3
ISO88594 ISO-8859-4
ISO88595 ISO-8859-5
ISO88596 ISO-8859-6
ISO88597 ISO-8859-7
ISO88598 ISO-8859-8
ISO88599 ISO-8859-9
ISO885910 ISO-8859-10
ISO885911 ISO-8859-11
ISO885913 ISO-8859-13
ISO885914 ISO-8859-14
ISO885915 ISO-8859-15
ISO885916 ISO-8859-16
MacOSRoman Mac OS Roman
UTF8 UTF-8 For Unicode Transformation Formats, use format: UTF-n in Caption and UTFn in Code.
UTF16 UTF-16
UTF32 UTF-32
Windows1251 Windows-1251 For MS-Windows character sets, use format: Windows-n in Caption and Windowsn in Code.
Windows1252 Windows-1252
Windows1253 Windows-1253
Windows1254 Windows-1254
Windows1255 Windows-1255
Windows1256 Windows-1256
Windows1257 Windows-1257
Windows1258 Windows-1258
Unspecified Unspecified Use if the character set is not known, for example for some proprietary data files.
Other Other Use if the character set is known, but not found in the list.


The modules physicaldataproduct_ncube_normal, physicaldataproduct_ncube_tabular, and physicaldataproduct_ncube_proprietary are derived from the module physicaldataproduct. Therefore the definition of CharacterSet is the same in all modules. If using "Other", specify the value in the OtherValue attribute of the appropriate element.

Module Name Element Name
physicaldataproduct CharacterSet
physicaldataproduct_ncube_normal CharacterSet
physicaldataproduct_ncube_tabular CharacterSet
physicaldataproduct_proprietary CharacterSet

The element fileType with its attribute "charset" is used in the element fileTxt (as 3.1.5).

Element Number Element/Attribute Name
3.1.5 fileType@charset

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