DDI Controlled Vocabulary for Aggregation Method


Identifies the type of aggregation used to combine related categories, usually within a common branch of a hierarchy, to provide information at a broader level than the level at which detailed observations are taken. (From: The OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms)


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Aggregation Method
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Code List
Value of the Code Descriptive Term of the Code Definition of the Code
Sum Sum A value obtained as a result of adding two or more numbers (items/amounts).
ArithmeticMean Arithmetic Mean Mathematical average of a set of values. The mean is calculated by adding up two or more values and dividing the total by their number. In social/political science, it is usually the sum of the measurements divided by the number of subjects, or cases.
Count Count Total number of units in a group of items
Mode Mode The value that appears most often in a set of values
Median Median The middle value in a series of values arranged sequentially from smallest to largest.
Maximum Maximum The highest value attained or recorded.
Minimum Minimum The lowest value attained or recorded.
Percent Percent The number of parts out of 100. In mathematics, a percentage is a number of ratio expressed as a fraction of 100. Percentages are used to express how large one quantity is relative to another quantity.
CumulativePercent Cumulative Percent The total of a frequency and all frequencies below it in a frequency distribution; the "running total" of frequencies [the maximum value is 100%].
PercentileRank Percentile Rank The percentile rank of a item is the percentage of items in its frequency distribution which are lower [cannot reach 100%].
Other Other Use when the aggregation method is known, but not found in the list.


Identification of the type of aggregation method used. Supports the use of a controlled vocabulary.

Module Name Element Name
reusable AggregationMethod

The "otherAggrMeth" attribute holds a value from a controlled vocabulary when the aggrMeth attribute has a value of "other". This option should only be used when applying a controlled vocabulary to this attribute. Use the complex element controlledVocabUsed [in the Document Description section] to identify the controlled vocabulary to which the selected term belongs.

Element Number in DDI 2.1 Element/Attribute Name
4.3 var@otherAggrMeth
4.4.13 measure@otherAggrMeth

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